an oxygenating and detox action – tired and dull skins – a smooth skin with homogeneous colour

Oxygenating face mask, it carries out a detox and anti-stress action, it is ideal for all skin types, especially for tired skins, with a dull or opaque appearance. Reviva Beauty Mask is rich in trace elements and active vegetal extracts, it provides immediate and long-lasting brightness, leaving the skin more oxygenated, smoothed and with a homogeneous colour. It is also recommended after professional squeezing.


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Active Key Principles:

Achillea: flavonoids and azulenes, with an effective anti-inflammatory, astringent, firming and anti-sebhorreic action.

Propolis: with an outstanding anti-mycosis, anti-viral, blood vessel-protective action. It is a great antioxidant which equilibrates and purifies thanks to its soothing properties. It purifies the cutis and it is ideal for skins with excess of sebum or acne.

Eucalyptus: known since ancient times for its anti-bacterial and cicatrising properties, it refreshes and fights against the acne development.

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Weight 250 ml


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