World of Beauty: A Brand Story

The most beautiful thing is confidence in loving yourself, in this belief World of Beauty brings out the inner beauty and self-confidence in everyone. True beauty is born through your actions and aspirations and in the kindness you offer to others; is being unique, because every person has their own identity and inner beauty, that World of Beauty helps brightening and come out.

World of Beauty Natural and Organic Skincare is equipped with international patented technology natural ingredients, aimed to help each skin type. World of Beauty actively participates in validation studies of new alternative tests in the framework of the European Cosmetics Directive.  Experience and mastery of the aromatherapy, herbal remedies and vegetable fresh stem cells’ complex, have placed World of Beauty at the forefront of Worldwide Beauty Therapies.

World of Beauty products are paraben free, paraffin free, cruelty free, efficacy tested, microbiological certified, because we want to give our customers high quality products respecting nature and animals.  World of Beauty is nowadays internationally recognized as the most effective and professional Phyto-Aroma Cosmeceuticals.

Every Skin Deserves the Best

Each World of Beauty Formula is active and simple to use, and it became one of the first choices for spa, beauty salons and Beauty Professionals. We also created the World of Beauty Academy, with masterclass, seminars and workshops enhancing beauty therapists’ awareness for facial clinic treatments, establishing a standard of excellence to give their customers the opportunity to have a team of professionals at their service.

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Are your products paraben free?

World of Beauty active principles and finished cosmetic products are paraben free.

Are your products tested on animals?

World of Beauty, organic certified, is committed to elimination of animal testing, to respect the environment. all our products are not tested on animals.

How long does lotion last once opened?

The usage period is indicated on the product packaging, and it is usually expressed in months, in general it is between 3 months and 6 months…

Can you send me samples and catalogue?

We are sorry samples and catalogues are not available for shipping, you can try all World of Beauty products, before buying them, in licensed Beauty salons and Spa.

Can I buy the products online?

World of Beauty products are not sold online, and can be purchased in licensed Salons or accredite Spa. Our extraordinary products are for professional use and can be very effective if suited to your skin type- consultation with beauty therapist is suggested.

What Our Customers Say?

Since the first use of Jeunesse Recovery Cream my skin colour became much more even, I don’t feel any more dry sensation, and my skin became smoother, brighter and with velvet texture, such a remarkable improvement in just a single application! This cream is the best I ever used to prepare my skin for make up…

Lisa Vingiani Blog Lifestyle’99

Using Extreme Jeunesse Cream my skin is brighter, much more radiant and with a very pleasant aroma. This cream is an optimal ally for skin youth maintenance. As during season time change, when I feel more stressed, thanks to Extreme Jeunesse my skin is better defensed and without any environmental damages.

Angelica A Trendy Experience

Pureté Serum: formulated with precious tea tree oil, vitamin E, oxygenating and purifying essential oil complex. It’s effective against black heads and it minimizes pores. It leaves skin smooth and silky. I’ve just started using it and I can already tell my skin is less oily, thanks World of Beauty for this amazing customized box!

Silvia Jackson ThinklesMakeUp Blog

DNADERM MMP REMEDY SERUM: usually I don’t have so serious dark circles problems, but when I’m under a lot of stress, my contour eyes area was visibly tired.  I applied this Serum day and night, after cleansing, and my skin was so fresh with a pure source of new energy, even on my contour eyes zone. After one week only, I saw the difference: my skin was so improved, brighter, flawless, contour eyes area more relaxed, all tiredness signs faded away, and fine lines were less visible and a much smoother global complexion.

Tiziana B Il Posto Ideale Blog Spot

I was so impressed with the results of Jamululur Nectar. Just after few applications my wrinkles improved immediately, I love applying it every day, my skin really did feel rejuvenated and had big improvement

Linda Hong Skin Care Specialist
  • Lisa Vingiani Blog Lifestyle’99
  • Angelica A Trendy Experience
  • Silvia Jackson ThinklesMakeUp Blog
  • Tiziana B Il Posto Ideale Blog Spot
  • Linda Hong Skin Care Specialist