giving a natural appearance – an enhanced re-growth – hydrating and strengthening nails

Product realised with strengthening mineral decongestant vegetals, rich in Omega 3. Pronails Magnifique hydrates and strengthens nails, supporting keratin and allowing a healthy re-growth; it creates a natural protective barrier which permits a natural balance between hydration and elasticity of nails. It provides a natural bright appearance, protecting against external agents and U.V.


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Active Key Principles:

Fresh Extract of Oat and Oil of Linen Seeds: it provides a decongestant, nurturing and brightening effect on nails.

Extract of Isatit Tinctoria: hyper-hydrating, it enhances the nail colour.

Calcium and Natural Lacto-globulin Complex: it strengthens keratin, with an antioxidant action, allowing an enhanced re-growth of the nail.

Additional information

Weight 12 ml


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