eliminating cells of fat – a quick drainage – eliminating infiltrations of cellulite

An active poultice for the body which carries out an immediate draining effect, it is a fat-reductive product which supports the destruction of cells of fat. Aromaslim stimulates and balances the exchanges in blood circulation, supporting the elimination of cellulite infiltrations and fat deposits. Aromaslim is ideal if combined with lypolitic-draining treatments or with Plancton Active Fluid.


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Active Key Principles:

Natural Caffeine: used for its extraordinary anti-cellulite properties, it stimulates the blood flow and helps eliminating the liquids in the cells or the excessive body fat.

Cupressus Sempervirens: it acts on superficial peripheral circulation, with a reactivating and stimulating action.

 Horse Chestnut: it protects capillaries, playing a decongestant action which avoid blood stagnation, preventing the formation of cellulite.

Additional information

Weight 500 ml


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