swelling, oedemas or cellulite – a quick body drainage – relaxing and providing body elasticity

Special body poultice (compress/crio-draining mixture of herbs) Herbae Compress contains over 101 decanted herbs and can be applied on areas affected by swelling, oedemas or cellulite. Herbae Compress provides an immediate tonic action on peripheral microcirculation, strengthening the blood vessels walls; it also helps reabsorbing lymphatic oedemas. Herbae Compress finally provides relief and tone to the skin texture.


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Active Key Principles:

Complex of 101 fined decanted herbs: an exclusive formulation of WB labs, it helps soothing and relieving the skin with a drainage action.

Sage stem cells: with an antioxidant and tonic action.

Passiflora Flower Extract: it strengthens the blood vessel walls, it minimises reddening, supporting the production of collagen.

Additional information

Weight 2500 ml


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