a shocking lipolitic action – fighting against lipogenesis – de-contracture stiff muscles (therapy)
Fluid with plants and medicinal herbs, known for their action on hyperaemia. The active principles contained allows lipolisis and fights against lipogenesis, this leading to a progressive reduction of the volume of adipocytes. Highly recommended as a remedy to reduce contractures or in case of stiff/contracted muscles.


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Active Key Principles
Fresh Extract of Devil´s Claw: extremely effective key principle to
fight against ailments and pain which lead to inflammation, such as
tendinitis, osteoarthritis, back pain or cervical pain.
Vegetal Complex of Uncaria and Tropical Caffeine: effective
complex of multi-lamellar liposomes, with a remarked immunestimulating
action, as well as lipolitic and drainage action.

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Weight 250 ml


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