ChDetox Mud Mask is the ultimate solution for spa therapy for all skin’s types, to reveal touchablyfirm, slender body contours. Formulated for swollen, heavy legs and body. Recommended for sensitive skin -this revitalizing nourishing formula penetrates deeply to depuffand visibly get rid of soft cellulite, while decreasing swelling.

Thanks to the aromatherapy action of fresh Lemon, Apple & Peppermint, provides an energizing and revitalizing effect.

ChDetox Mud leaves your skin smooth, with a gentle skin cells’ renewal and delicate exfoliating action.
Improvescirculationand toxinseffectivedrainage.
It works on the skin surface reducing the imperfections related to cellulite like dimpling, orange peel effect, and dehydration.

Extra-gentle, nourishing formula to protect even most delicate skin and fragile capillaries.

Additional information

Weight 500 ml


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