Ageless Skin – Anti Pollution

Proven to smooth the appearance of wrinkles and improve contour eyes skin looking:

  • 100% said that the skin is totally respected and moisturized
  • 94,7% noticed smoother skin texture on the eye area
  • 89,5% reported a more comfortable skin sensation after use
  • 79% reported that their eye area looked less tired
  • 73,7% saw contour eyes age lines reduced

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24k Nano Gold Active Ingredient

Play a role of cellular mediator, modulating given cellular signals to keep the skin appearance in a good shape and young, while supporting the synthesis of Collagen I and Collagen III, while diminishing wrinkles.

Ultra-effective contour eyes cream, ideal for all skin’s types. Infused with the precious botanical complex of Fagus Extract, Baobab and Rosa Canina Flowers, this extraordinary daily treatment helps diminishing and preventing signs of ageing, while moisturizing, smoothing and firming contour eyes area. Skin appears instantly and long lasting so fresh, smoother and with an improved elasticity.

The Beech tree (Fagus Sylvatica) personifies the natural balance between power and grace. This tree matures after 60 years, and often lives to be 200-250 years old, which is the reason it is often called “the ever-lasting youth tree”.

Increases skin cellular oxygen uptake, while boosting protein synthesis by keratinocytes, essential for skin strengthening and defense. At the same time improves skin moisturization, and smoothes skin texture.

Tested and proven to smooth skin micro relief and   wrinkle depth reduction was observed after only four weeks.

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Weight 50 ml


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