Natural resin, enriched with Acacia Honey, it is ideal for all skin types, especially for the first epilation, as well as for male epilation. This outstanding formulation is ideal for multi-directional epilation, being extremely elastic both with a unidirectional and a multi-directional tear off.

The product colour is white, photo published for package 1kg example


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Natural Resin of Brazilian Maritime Pine, highly refined, enriched with vegetal extracts, natural glycerine, it is ideal for the epilation of all skin types, in particular of delicate, sensitive and male skins. It carries out a calming  and hydrating action, to apply without using paper, allowing a natural painless epilation; it is hyper-delicate and effective, eliminating the different hairs’ growth stages (anagen, catagen, telogen) and sizes of hair just with a single tear.

How to use:

The modulated tearing can be realised with a unidirectional movement for the tiniest areas of face/body and/or for a quick and practical epilation. It is also ideal for a multi-directional epilation, to carry out a real painless decongestant hyper-hydrating action, which leads to a decreased body hair growth.

Step 1 cleanse with Dermal Compensator using a cotton pad, dry the skin.

Step 2: melt the Honey wax and apply with a wooden spatula, with multi-directional spatula movement, after few minutes peel it off.

Additional information

Weight 1000 ml


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