Anti Age and Lifting Repair Concentrate

Stimulates Collagen density and elasticity of the skin, thanks to Matrix Stem Cell Natural Complex, consists of exclusive lipopeptides, amino acids,… Enhance the natural production of fibronectin, countering the loss of skin tone due to the Complex Natural Amino-Fatty Acids. Oxygenates the skin by stimulating deeper skin layers, with decongestant and anti-oxidant action, due to the precious extract of Tropical Phytami. Induces greater cellular defense by acting on receptors in the skin and prevents the formation of new wrinkles and expression of fatigue, thanks to the hexapeptide x6 Biotec. Complex


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Recommended for use in Beauty Institute and Spa and as customer daily self-care at home:
Dull skin, follow with Rejuvination Intense Cream
Aged Skin and dehydration, follow with Rejuvination Nectar
Dull Skins and Elastosis follow with Tonica Face Cream
Hormonal Ageing – Photoageing follow with Jamululur Nectar
Male Aging, follow with Reviva Detox Cream

Proven Effectiveness: Testing carried out 6 months
Apply mornings and evenings, Jamu Grape Complex and Rejuvination Nectar:

– Depth of Wrinklese – 21.6%
– roughness – 16.4%
– volume of wrinkles : – 24.4%
– Density and thickness of Wrinkles : – 46.8%
– Appearance of epidermal wrinkles – 67.8%

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Weight 3 ml


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