an antioxidant action – premature ageing – re-balancing veins return circulation

Love will soften and sharpen that barrier what we have been building around us, it will help you remember that human beings were born to experience love. Love can re-balance the veins return circulation and the arterial circulation, providing a stimulating effect. It has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties and carries out an antioxidant and anti-ageing action. Love is also ideal to fight against cutaneous ageing, thanks to the antioxidant elements and pro-vitamins naturally contained in its rare and purest active principles, which fight against the harmful action of free radicals.


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Active Key Principles:

Mosqueta Rose: it regenerates and enhances the skin appearance, limiting the damages caused by inhomogeneous pigmentation and wrinkles. The vitamins it contains are ideal to protect against infections and act as anti-oxidant, protecting against free radicals.

Indian Amyris: with anti-septic, balsamic and sedative properties.

Saint Indian Basil: with anti-inflammatory properties, it regulates blood pressure, making a balances circulation possible.

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Weight 100 ml


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