relaxing the body and the mind – a velvety skin – skins damaged by hormonal changes

A relaxing and soothing oil for all skin types, Pitta Elixir relaxes the body and the mind. It remarkably enhances the skin texture, making it velvety since the very first applications. It makes the skin brighter and it helps rebuilding and hydrating the skin damaged by natural processes of hormonal changes due to ageing. During pregnancy, Pitta Elixir prevents stretch marks and gives elasticity to the tissues. After delivery, it nurtures and enhances capillaries circulation and the pressure of blood vessels.


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Active Key Principles:

Complex of Orange flowers: it oxygenates the skin with an anti-oxidant action.

Complex of Saint Mint Cananga: with an immediate soothing action, it calms the cutaneous reddening and enhances the body circulation.

Additional information

Weight 100 ml


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