Natura Urea and pure essential oils rich in formula for daily care of body and foot. Emugel emulsion is for professional and podiatry use, with a marked anti-fungal, anti-viral, moisturizing and emollient function. Thanks to the high concentration of Salicylic Acid and Natural Lactic Acid in pure complex with liposomal plant extracts and very pure essential oils, it helps a progressive anti-septic action, anti-fungal, reinforcing cellular defense, minimizing thickening, such as corns, partridge’s eye. The precious high concentrated Lavender Vera extract and oil helps the natural healing of the treated areas.

Emugel is used by the most well known Dermatologists and Podiatry Professionals to take care of Athlete’s Foot, Nail mycoses, pityriasis, bad smell, fissures, Diabetic Foot and warts.


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Natural Urea is an essential component of the skin maintenance, serving as both a natural moisturizing factor that binds water and pulls it into the skin, where it belongs, and kicks cracked, dead skin cells to the curb.

Use every day locally and / or as needed on clean skin. Clean skin with Dermoliquido Cleansing Gel or Dermal Compensator.

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Weight 250 ml


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