giving oxygen – preventing nails turning yellow – fortifying keratin

Formulation result of the latest research and innovation, both for professional and home use. Pronails Vita provides oxygen making the nail more resistant to water, thanks to the bio-cellular active “stem” Alpine Rose, which allows a strong re-growth. It creates a film which allows the nail to breath, fortifying keratin, preventing oxidation. Pronails Vita prevents nail ageing, reconstitutes the right balance between hydration and elasticity, preventing nails turning yellow.


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Active Key Principles:

Alpine Rose bio-cellular Extract: essential active ingredient which protects the skin and the nails from stress and UV rays, strengthening the barrier which protects skin and nails, allowing bio-cellular equilibrium.

Argan Bio Oil: rich in antioxidant principles, it allows the nail defence.

Natural Pantothenic Acid: it permits nail reparation and regeneration, helping cell turn-over and a healthy re-growth.

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Weight 12 ml


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