A unique sleeping time mask for tired and stressed skin types.
Neroli Overnight Mask cocoons your skin with intensely oxygenating, moisturizing and firming pure ingredients, such as pure Bitter Orange Flowers’ Oil (Neroli), Organic Shea Butter and the purest Cocoa Butter.
Neroli Vivace Overnight Mask will help a smoothed and lifted skin look, when you wake up in the morning. Neroli Vivace Overnight Mask will help restore the skin’s own radiance, brighten the complexion and minimize uneven skin tone.


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Use: evenings, clean your skin with Reviva Micellar Water or Hydra Cleansing Milk, then apply Neroli Vivace Overnight mask as a cream, until completely absorbed.

Weekly Beauty Routine: once or twice a week, cleanse your skin with Hydra Cleansing Milk, then apply few drops of Neroli Vivace Elixir, and apply Neroli Vivace Mask, with gentle circular movements, leave 10 minutes and rinse it off. Complete with Countour Sublime Cream.

After 1 month of use, the skin appearance will be healthier and more radiant.

The purest Ingredients
Neroly Essential Oil from Italian Islands – Rejuvinating and regenerating action for skin
Neroly Extract & Natural Aroma from Italian Islands – Helps maintaining moisture level and balance oily skin types.
Polynesian Tropical Lime Extract from Morea – Rejuvinates skin and helps healthier skin appearance and supports skin draining.
Pure Sandalwood Extract from Mysore – Effective anti inflammatory and helps many skin disorders.
Jojoba Gold Oil from Tropical Islands – Reduces redness caused by drying, improves condition of eczema and rosacea
Clary Sage Essential Oils from Mediterranean – Helps to tone the skin and reduces inflammation associated with acne.

ANTI AGEING: Promotes cellular regeneration, with firming, moisturizing, anti oxidant action, improving skin’s elasticity. Prevents wrinkles and age spots. To be used at night time.

Additional information

Weight 250 ml


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