dermatitis – a drainage action – reducing and preventing stretch marks

Nurturing and relaxing oil, ideal for all skin types. It is recommended for dermatitis and during pregnancy to reduce stretch marks appearance. After delivery, Aura Elixir helps nurturing the skin, it realizes a drainage action, eliminating toxins. If applied under nostrils, it balances the alpha-beta waves relation, with an immediate relaxing action. It balances the lymphatic system, protecting against external bacterial attacks, reinforcing lymphocytes B, that protect us from daily viral attacks. If applied under the foot planum, it regulates children’s rest. Aura Elixir is also ideal as a shower product to deeply nurture the skin and the scalp.


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Active Key Principles:

Blue Mediterranean Chamomile: always knows for its anti-inflammatory properties, both local and internal.

Indian Jasmine: known for relaxing and sedative properties.

European Buxus: with an immediate and long-lasting nurturing, soothing and relaxing action.

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Weight 500 ml


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