Sulphurous salts used in the best SPAs, coming from the Atlantic Ocean. SPA Body Salts provide a unique relaxing action and are ideal for intimate baths or for the feet thanks to their calming and anti bacterial action. Enriched with minerals this salt scrub is ideal for full body problems like acne as well as pores. It is suited to remove  dead cells of skin and toxins.

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Only made up of original and natural ingredients, good to remove small infections wrinkles thanks to its Sulphur rich formula, with extraordinary anti fungal and antibacterial principle. Sulphur is considered the best antibacterial ingredient. Sulphur can perfectly fight the infections due to fungi and bacteria, even in the most sensitive spots of the body.

How to use:

Hydrotherapy or spa whirlpool pour 50 grams into a bath tube.

Body scrub, mix 20 grams of Spa Body Salts with 20ml of  World of Beauty Elixir and apply all over body areas to treat, with circular massage movements. Rinse it off.

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Weight 650 ml


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