reducing tiredness and fatigue – calming and soothing tensions – an oxygenating and tonic action

Oil specifically developed for the well-being of your body, with an exclusive antioxidant formulation. It oxygenates and reactivates the skin, draining the body. It is recommended to fight against the loss of tone and the asphyxia of the epidermis, as well as for its anti-stress properties or for sports massage. The daily use of Shantala Oil can let stressed and tired people reach their equilibrium. It provides an immediate feeling of relaxation in case of lumbar pain or back pain. It is also ideal as a tonic oxygenating treatment.


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Active Key Principles:

Carnation Extract Complex: with an outstanding anti-bacterial action, it provides relief to tenses muscles.

Sandal Pure Extract: known for its calming, soothing and healing properties.

European Buxus: with an immediate and long-lasting nurturing, soothing and calming action.

Additional information

Weight 250 ml


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